Our purpose of education is to improve knowledge and skills and to develop individual personality and enhance relationships at every stap. To give exposure to students beyond the confines or classrooms, various co-currucular activities and conducted, which act like a catalyst and develop their talents and interests. We strive to cultivate this life long appreciation, enjoyment, respect and love for ate where students are engaged in a variety of co-operative activities, designed to channel thoughts and emotions in a productive manner. The focus is on active participation and creative expression.
A few of school activities are highlighted as under :
-  Games and Sports
-  Cultural activities - Dance, Music, Drama
-  Drawing, Painting and Craft
-  Essay,  Debate and Quiz Competition
-  Chart and Scrap-Book Making
-  Making working modes in science
-  Annual Function and Sport Day
-  Excursions, Adventure Sports and Camps


1. School Assembly - Specific features of are school assembly in different days of the week.

                                  * On Monday we have special assembly on Veda Chanting.

                                  * On Tuesday we have special assembly to knowledge new Vedas.

                                  * On Wednesday assembly based on Meditation - where we teach the right way of doing Meditation.

                                  * On Thursday our special assembly is based on sprituality. During the day we encourage the students to sing melodious bhajans.

                                  * On Friday our assembly based on G.K. question and also related to different activities on Art & Craft.

                                  * On Saturday our assembly based any particular topic as Dance, Historical play, story telling, etc.

                                     - Story telling based on Moral Values.

                                     - Historical play based on different religion and Festival events.

                                     - For enhance the involvement of teacher and students whole one week the assembly held by one class - to improve the

                                       confidence of students and build up leadership quality.

2. Meditation and Silent sitting - Inclined towards spritituality and to build up concentration power.

3. Festivals and Functions -To make the students aware and to be proud on our culture and to strengthen our roots.

4. Cleanliness -To make our surrounding clean timely. We encourage the students to keep their classroom and their uniform clean, the best class and

                         the student is awarded.

5. Parenting Programme - In Parenting Programme we conduct programme in which we introduce our new ideas related to the development of

                                           the students and entire institute . On the contrary parents also share their views regarding performance of the students

                                           and all the corrective steps are taken under the valueable programme.

6. Experiential Learning - To make the students aware towards the new concept in which they have to do experiments on different aspects.

7. School Ambience - Spiritual, inclined towards the God, which shows us the right path - Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non-Violence.

8. Value fostering and Co-curricular Activities - All our development of the students, through activities.

9. Role of Parents - Teachers work like a team members and they give their 100% involvement to make the programme successful.