Bal Vikas

Bal Vikas is a teaching methodology that aims to inculcate our moral and cultural values to the students like yoga and meditation, how to respect elders and our traditional values that is very necessary in todays'  environment for a healthy development of a student.

1. This task is accomplished by synchronizing the fire teaching techniques.

  • Silent sitting and meditation (Jyoti Dhyan)
  • Group Singing
  • Story Telling
  • Shlok & Prayers
  • Group Activities  (Role Play, Value Games, Craft, Drawing, Dance etc.)

2. Separate Class Room

3. Class is conducted by trained Bal Vikas Teacher. (Diploma in Human Value programme Dharm Kshetram, Mumbai).
The Sanskrit phrase, Bal Vikas, Means “Blossoming of the Child” Accordingly, rules regulations and a course syllabus were developed in order to enhance the blossoming of “truth, beauty and goodness” (Satyam, Sivam and Sundram) in the child.
The aims of Bal Vikas are to foster character development and transformation and:

  • To inculcate habits of discipline and self-discipline. To engender in children a desire to be of service to all human.
  • To Cultivate Humility, Practice Ceilling on Desires and render Self-less Service.
  • To train them to be able to discriminate between right and wrong, between truth and non-truth.
  • To give priority to the development of character, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.
  • To foster the understanding and practice of the five inherent human values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and No-Violence.

We also emphasis on self analysis of each and every student on daily basis as to improvement is a continous process that has to be taken care almost daily with proper guidance. We do self analysis of each and every student on the following points on daily basis:

  •  Morning Prayer
  •  Silent Sitting
  •  Respect to Elders
  •  Pray before Meals
  •  Speak Lies
  •  Speak ill of others
  •  Bed Time Prayer
  •  Save Food, Water & Money
  •  Spend my time wisely
  •  Spends how much time watching T.V.
  •  Daily Studies
  •  Service to others